For League Registration call (937) 845-8699

Open Entry Evening Leagues

Days: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Regular Season Begins: 1st week of May

Regular Season Ends: 3rd week of August

Playoffs Begin: 4th week of August

End of Year Tourney: 10/16/22 @ 10AM

Tee Times: Early Division 4:30-5:30PM / Late Division 5:30-6:30PM

Annual Fee: $50.00

Weekly Fee: $22.00 to ride / $15.00 to walk

Teams: 2 players per team

Matches: A vs A and B vs B. The team’s “A” player is determined by lowest
handicap. All matches are individual Match Play (hole by hole winners) not
total stroke play. Each player match is 22 total points.
+2 for a hole won / +1 for Hole tied / +4 for a match won / +2 for match tied

Callaway Contest Holes: Each night will feature 3 contests. The winner of
each contest will get their choice of 1 sleeve of Callaway golf balls. The
nightly contests are open to all league members at no charge. Subs are not
eligible. The contests will be: 1 Closest to the Pin – 1 Long Putt – 1 Long Drive

Prize Structure
Regular Season
1st Team = $200 1st Individual = $100
2nd Team = $150 2nd Individual = $ 80
3rd Team = $100 3rd Individual = $ 60
4th Team = $ 50 4th Individual = $ 40
5th Team = $ 30 5th Individual = $ 20
6th Team = $ 20 6th Individual = $ 10
1st Team = $200
2nd Team = $100
3rd Team = $ 50

*** All Payouts will be in Shop Script. Script can be used for golf fees, pro shop merchandise,
driving range, or food and beverage. Payouts based on a full league.

Skins: This pot is optional and begins after the 3rd week of play

1. Entry fee for skins is $5.00 weekly. You must pay and sign up before
the round begins. No late entries. Must have 3 week min. HDCP.

2. Of a players $5.00, $2.50 each will go to Gross & Net Skins.

Handicap: Based on 90% of total score for the most recent 4 weeks with the
highest score being discarded. If you shoot 46/42/48/45 your three factored
scores will be 46/42/45 with the 48 discarded. Players with no previous
scores will get an instant handicap based on that round.

Tardy Players: A player absent at the start of the match will take an X for
each hole missed. An X equals loss of hole by the lowest strokes necessary.
You can still win the match points and the holes you are there for with an X.
Do Not Wait On Tardy Players. They may never show up. Keep Pace.

Hazards: All hazards (water, woods, natural grass areas, or marked out of
bounds) should not be entered or played from. Take a two club length drop
from your point of entry and a 1 stroke penalty. Do not drop closer to the hole
or change cut of grass.

Lost Ball: Take a 1 stroke penalty and the drop ball within two club lengths
of a location agreeable with opponent. Ball must be played from location of
previous shot if a drop can not be agreed upon with your opponent.

Ghost Score: The league average score for each hole makes up the Ghost
Score. The Ghost also has the average handicap of the league. Unopposed
players will play against the Ghost Score to determine their points earned.

Max Score: There is a max score per hole of double par. If at the limit please
pick up and put an X on the scorecard. You can still win the Match Bonus.
Max Score = 6 for Par 3 / 8 for Par 4 / 10 for Par 5

Picking Up: Your opponent MAY concede a putt if for 2 over par or worse.
If not conceded then the putt must be rolled. A ball picked up without
concession is replayed in original position +1 penalty stroke. You MAY also
choose to pick up if you have lost the hole or wish to concede the hole.

Improved Lie: You may roll the ball within a scorecard length in fairways &
rough, you can’t change cut of grass or move the ball closer to hole
Thank You for Playing Sugar Isle Golf Course
Open Entry Evening Leagues

Tee Boxes: Golfers must play the same tee all season as in Week 1.
Men: 49 & under (Blue) / 50-69 (White) / 70 & Above (Green)
Ladies: 59 & under (Green) / 60 & Older (Aqua)


  • A sub will only earn team points, not individual points
  • A sub is required to pay for their golf unless the league member
    has paid in advance. All players must pay before teeing off.
  • A sub must have a full 4 week handicap to be eligible to play in a
    position round. The Ghost will be used if there is no sub

Rulings: If a rule is disputed just complete the hole under both rulings and
card both scores. The Pro Shop will rule on the correct score after the round.
League/Local/USGA rules applying in that order.

Before Match: Players will not be permitted to check in more than 30
minutes before match time. The practice green / driving range may be used to
warn up if stations are available but carts will not be issued and league fees
will not be accepted until time.

After Match: Please return carts to the barn and hand in scorecards
immediately upon finish. Throw away your trash in provided trash cans.

Absent Players: Absent players will receive 0 points.

Pace of Play: If a match falls more than a hole behind the group ahead of
them, or off the pace of 15 min per hole played, they may be skipped a hole
to reestablish position. Each player will be given the score they would’ve had
by handicap and the points for that hole will be split between opponents.

Teams: League will be maxed out at 32 teams of two golfers. Teams will be
split into an early and late division. 16 two person teams per division.

Playoffs: The top 12 teams from will qualify for the Playoffs

End Of the Year Tournament: All League Members Eligible. Event will be
individual stroke play with handicap. There will also be Contest Holes,
Putting Contest, and optional Skins Game the day of event.

Season Schedule: will be emailed once registration is closed.

Thank You for Playing Sugar Isle Golf Course!

Indoor Golf Leagues Starting in January!