The tee shot at number 10 must avoid out of bounds to the right, and the driving range to the left, which is also marked as OB. A group of trees guard the inside corner of the par 4 dogleg left, although longer hitters may choose to cut this corner leaving a very short second shot to the green. A drive down the middle of the fairway should leave a nice approach to the green, but be aware that it is possible for some players to drive it through the fairway and into the pond (see hole map above) that guards the outside corner of the dogleg. There is also a pond in front of the blue and black tees, however it is more for scenery than actually factors into play.

Assuming players have hit the fairway, and are far enough around the corner of the dogleg to have a clear look at the green, they will be greeted with a reasonably short approach shot. Although a bunker guards the front right portion of the green, the real challenge lies on the green itself. A flat putt on this green is not to be found, and most putts will range from breaking slightly to breaking severely, depending on the location of the hole that day.