A perfect hole to close your round, this par five 18th holes offers both risk and reward. Players need to be conscious of the fact that both the pond to the left and the OB to the right are both very much in play from the tee shot. An accurate tee ball here is a must, and finding the right half of the fairway provides players with the most options for their second shot.

While longer players may have the opportunity to attack this green on their second shot, the far more common approach will be accurately laying up down the fairway and leaving a short third shot into a very challenging green. It is important to note that OB runs the length of the right side of the hole, and that anything to the right of the green risks taking a bad bounce in that direction. Long and left of this green can make for nearly impossible up and downs pitching to a green that is severely sloped from back to front. Flat putts simply don’t exist on this green, and staying beneath the hole is a near must in order to avoid a realistic three putt possibility.