Hole 8 requires a precise tee shot to avoid woods on the left and right. The layout of the hole is a slight dogleg right, and a cluster of trees guard the start of the dogleg just right of the fairway. Longer players off the tee may opt to cut the corner and hit it over the trees on the right, but be warned that the trees are taller than they might appear at first glance. Cutting the corner not only requires a long ball from the tee, but also a high one! Many players will opt to hit a shorter club than driver from the tee in order to increase accuracy and find the center of this fairway.

Once you find the center of the fairway with your tee shot (which is sometimes easier said than done), the approach shot into the green is manageable both in terms of distance and difficulty. Other than two bunkers that guard the green left and right, the green is extremely receptive and somewhat flat compared to many other greens on the course.