The second par 5 on the front, and second in as many holes, winds steadily left most of the way. Out of bounds awaits the players on the entire left side of the hole, and most of the right side of the hole as well. A total of 5 well placed bunkers guard certain parts of the hole, with two of those coming into play from the tee shot. The ideal tee shot is down the right half of the fairway in order to provide the best angle for a player’s second shot.

A great deal of strategy comes into play for your second shot. The longer hitters may opt to go for the green in two, however they will discover that there is a well placed bunker guarding the green, and that this green is not very receptive to a long incoming shot. For those laying up with their second shot, it is imperative to place your second shot up the right side of the hole, which should result in a very receptive angle hitting into the green on your third shot. Hitting your second shot up the left side of the hole will force players to hit a third shot over the bunker that guards the green, and often times you will not have a great deal of green to work with depending on the location of the pin.

The green has quite a bit of undulation, and finding a flat putt on this green can be a bit of a challenge. Of course, once you play this masterpiece of a course, you will see that finding a flat putt on most greens is a rarity!