The 7th hole ranks as the number four handicap and can certainly live up to that difficulty. Depending on which of the five sets of tees you play, this par 4 can range anywhere from 470 yards (black tees) to 248 yards (aqua tees). The tee shot on this hole is fairly forgiving. There are out of bounds to the right and left, but both of those are quite a ways off the fairway. Any tee shot in the fairway is ideal, although the right half of the fairway provides a slightly better angle for your approach shot to the green.

The approach shot on this hole proves to be a bit more difficult. As mentioned above, some players will have a somewhat long approach shot into this green depending on the tees they play and how good of a drive they hit. Other than the length of the approach shot, another consideration is that there is water that guards the left side of the hole on your second shot leaving little room for error. Players should also consider that being a little short of this green is better than being long. The green has a couple of slopes toward the back of the green that can make it very difficult to get it close to most pins when chipping from over the green.