The 11th at Sugar Isle is a slight dogleg right, and the ideal tee shot is up the left side of the fairway. Players will want to avoid the OB to the right of the hole, as well as a few pesky trees that are scattered up and down both sides of the fairway.

A medium length approach shot will await most players into this par 4, and depending on where the pin is located will depend on how easily it can be attacked. A tree just right of the green overhangs a portion of the green, which can be an annoyance if you are coming into the green from the right half of the hole. Much like the previous hole, this green also has its share of undulation, and there are not a great deal of flat putts to be had. The most difficult hole location is front-left, and if the superintendent is having a bad day you might just find yourself putting to a hole that is on the front-left knob of the green. Good luck on that two putt!